CIA torture report


Torture at CIA black site run by Gina Haspel detailed in newly released documents

The heavily redacted cables detail brutal treatment of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the suspected mastermind of an attack on the USS Cole that killed 17 sailors.


A Former CIA Official Apologizes to 'Every American' For Iraq Intelligence Failures

Former CIA deputy director Michael Morell admits the intelligence on Iraq's supposed WMD was bad — but he stands by the agency's so-called 'enhanced interrogation' methods.


Fresh Suspicions Are Raised That UK 'Lobbied' to Keep Its Name Out of CIA Torture Report

The UK Foreign Office has admitted that government ministers met with senate officials, including US presidential hopeful Marco Rubio, several more times than previously disclosed.


GOP Senator Wants to Make Sure the Full CIA Torture Report Never Sees the Light of Day

The new Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee is trying to prevent the public from seeing a scathing 6,900-page report about the CIA's enhanced interrogation program.


Here's How Conservatives Freaked Out Over the CIA Torture Report

In the week after the Senate released its report on the CIA's enhanced interrogation tactics, Dick Cheney and other neocons were spinning their wheels to defend the torture program.


The First Novel Based on the CIA Torture Report Was Written by an Algorithm

What the auto-generated, 728-page fictional treatment of the CIA torture report can tell us that actual the document can't.


The Psychology of Torture

We talked to Stephen Soldz, founder of the Coalition for an Ethical Psychology, about the dark theories behind the CIA's enhanced interrogation tactics.


The Scientists Trying to End Torture

A collection of research has been published to improve interrogation techniques and outline ethical best practices for the US government.


An Obviously Fake Guide to Building an H-Bomb Was Used to Legitimize Torture

How a satirical and obviously fake article from the 1970s was used to prop up the CIA's torture program.


What CIA Torture and Police Violence Have in Common

Both are form of state-sponsored violence, both are based around irrational fears, and both are proving incredibly hard to eradicate for good.


The Psychology Profession Has Disowned the CIA's Two Torture Psychologists

But the association has been criticized for the role it may have played in the CIA's enhanced interrogation techniques.


The Biggest Lies the CIA Told About Its Torture Program

Among the least surprising findings of the Senate's CIA torture report is that the agency lied about enhanced interrogation. A lot. To everyone.