Jets to Hire Women's Football League Coach to Work with DBs

Former player and current Women's Football League assistant coach Collette Smith will join the Jets in a similar role to Jen Welter's in Arizona.
Liam Daniel Pierce
success studies

What If Bill Belichick Was Never Interesting to Begin With?

Bill Belichick is inarguably one of the greatest football minds in history. Maybe it's time to stop confusing that for anything else.
David Roth
New Age Shit

What I Learned About Life Coaching from Trying to Be a Life Coach

I did a two-day training course to try to better understand the $1 billion industry.
Hannah Ewens

Judge Bob Bradley on the Quality of his Coaching, Not the Tenor of His Accent

Bradley has inherited a roster at Swansea that is bereft of talent. He deserves a shot at fixing it.
Brian Blickenstaff
weak in review

A Coach To Build A Dream On: David Roth's Weak In Review

In a world without institutions or leaders that inspire much excitement or faith, what's a college football coach worth? In some cases, entirely too much.
David Roth
college basketball

Donyell Marshall Is Ready to Be a Head Coach, and Willing to Pay His Dues

After a long and lucrative NBA career, Donyell Marshall doesn't need to try to turn around a moribund low-major program. He's at Central Connecticut State anyway.
Tim Casey

Nick Saban Has Destroyed Auburn's Capacity for Joy

The Auburn job is a sucker's bet as long as Nick Saban is at Alabama.
Kevin Trahan

After A Life In Basketball, Juwan Howard Is Ready To Lead As A Coach

Over nearly two decades in the NBA, Juwan Howard was star, a role player, and finally an assistant-coach-in-uniform. Now he's learning how to be a coach.
Chris Barnewall
the fan brain

What We Talk About When We Talk About Firing the Coach

There are an infinite number of ways for teams to make fans unhappy. So why is it that coaches and managers have evolved into the designated blame-catchers?
Rick Paulas

When Will Artificial Intelligence Replace This Man?

How technology is changing sports analysis, and, soon, coaching.
Aaron Frank

Michael Cooper And Bill Laimbeer Are Keeping Their NBA Rivalry Alive In The WNBA

Michael Cooper and Bill Laimbeer were part of a legendary NBA rivalry in the 1980's. They're coaching in the WNBA, now, but are as competitive as they ever were.
Tim Casey

Billy Donovan and the Impossible Job of Coaching the Thunder

In his first year coaching the Thunder, Billy Donovan has come in for plenty of criticism. He's deserved a lot of it, but coaching Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant is also much harder than it looks.
Jonny Auping