Coal Ash


North Carolina Fines Duke Energy a Measly $7 Million for Coal Ash Contamination — And Environmentalists Are Pissed

The settlement includes another $10-15 million to help accelerate the clean up of groundwater contamination around four coal-fired power plants.


No One Seems to Know Who — or What — Is Poisoning North Carolina Drinking Water Supplies

Ninety-three percent of drinking water wells tested by state regulators were found to have toxins, which could be due to Duke Energy coal ash ponds — or geology.


Coal Ash May Be Making Pennsylvania Inmates Sick, and Now They're Fighting to Shut Their Prison Down

Did the authorities in charge of SCI Fayette put its prisoners at risk of illnesses that usually affect coal miners?


This Lake Shouldn’t Be Blue (Excerpt from ‘Toxic Waste in the US: Coal Ash’)

In this excerpt, VICE News correspondent Neha Shastry visits Little Blue Run, the largest coal ash impoundment in the US, and speaks to a resident about the environmental effects of this big blue toxic lake.


A Guide to March's Upcoming Videos on VICE

The melting Antarctic ice sheet, China's 18-year-old basketball phenomenon, a drug that could stop the AIDS epidemic, and more.


On The Line: Neha Shastry Discusses Toxic Coal Ash

Neha Shastry joins On The Line to discuss her documentary ’Toxic Waste in the US: Coal Ash.'


Contaminated Drinking Water (Extra Scene from 'Toxic Waste in the US: Coal Ash')

In this extra scene, a couple living near a coal ash pond in Dukeville, North Carolina, speak about how finding out that their drinking water is contaminated shone a new light on the illnesses in their family and in the neighborhood over the years.


Toxic Waste in the US: Coal Ash (Full Length)

VICE News investigates coal ash, one of the largest industrial waste streams in the United States.


The Largest Coal Ash Pond in the US: Coal Ash (Part 2)

In the final part of our series, VICE News travels to Pennsylvania, home to the largest coal ash pond in the country, which continues to leak dangerous pollutants out into the community.


Toxic Waste Spill in North Carolina: Coal Ash (Part 1)

In part one, VICE News travels to North Carolina to visit a river that’s been poisoned with arsenic from a nearby Duke Energy site, and speak with a resident who has found toxic heavy metals in her drinking water.


Green Groups Say Another Coal Ash Spill Remains Likely, One Year After North Carolina Accident

Nearly all of the coal ash that leaked from a Duke Energy-owned coal ash impoundment remains at the bottom of the Dan River in North Carolina.


Toxic Waste in the US: Coal Ash (Trailer)

Coming soon: VICE News investigates one of the largest industrial waste streams in the United States.