Criminalization Makes It Harder to Study Ayahuasca, Scientists Say

It's an impediment to medical research on ayahuasca's potential to treat mental health disorders.
Victoria Chan

Catching Up with Milorad Cavic, Who Beat Michael Phelps But Lost Gold by the Force of a Finger

"I'm not sure how comfortable I would have felt having the gold medal that everyone else in the world believed was not mine." Even eight years later, losing gold to Phelps still stings for Cavic.
Aimee Berg

New Zealand Just Banned a Book for the First Time in 22 Years

"Into the River" has been banned because of its depiction of drug use and underage sex. But author Ted Dawe feels it's a worrying example of the power of the country's conservative agenda.
Wendy Syfret

Gaspar Noé's New Film, 'Love,' Comes at You in 3D

We sat down at Cannes with the controversial Argentine-French filmmaker to discuss his provocative new movie, which has censors and critics in a tizzy.
Aaron Hillis

A New Zealand Prison Is Giving Inmates Phones and Computers

South Auckland's brand new Kohuora Prison has a phone and computer in every cell and a bunch of people aren't happy about that.
Danielle Street

Indigenous Legal Services Already Feeling the Imminent Funding Cuts

"For every one lawyer that we lose, that's 240 Indigenous people that will miss out on representation."
Denham Sadler

Don’t Worry Circumcision Probably Doesn’t Cause Autism

This week Danish researchers released a study claiming boys who were circumcised are up to 46 percent more likely to develop autism later in life.
Wendy Syfret

Why Is the Khaleeji Hijab So Controversial?

Also known as the the big bun, the khaleeji hijab is characterized by a rounded bulge emerging from the back of the head, which is supposed to give the impression of a cascading mane of hair that's been neatly coiled up into a bun. Some imams reckon...
Timothy PA Cooper
The Photo Issue 2006

Finally Legal

Well, what I realized was even faster than film was if you were super controversial and just living in the East Village. In the early 1980s, it was a lot easier to be controversial than it is now.
Jesse Pearson