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Throwaway Digital Culture Is Art in Cory Arcangel's 'currentmood'

In his latest London exhibition the artist pauses to reflect on the throwaway aspects of internet culture.


50 Years of Media Art Collide in ‘Electronic Superhighway’

London’s Whitechapel Gallery exhibits computer and internet art by Nam June Paik, Cory Arcangel, Amalia Ulman, and more.


Cory Arcangel Wants You To "Fuck Negativity"

The artist released his new "surfware" collection to help you coast the Internet in style.


10 Artists to Know from America’s First-Ever Internet Flea Market

From three dimensional GIFs, to real life spam mail, the Internet Yami-Ichi Flea Market in Queens showed us the best of the web IRL.


Watch the Empire State Building Imitate Famous Paintings with Light

Talking to the lighting designer who put Andy Warhol's 'Flowers' on the Empire State Building to celebrate the opening of the Whitney Museum of American Art at its brand new building.


Beachside Web Surfing Competition Offers A Tide Of Tricks For Browsing The Net

Rhizome hosted the seventh iteration of the Trailblazers web surfing competition yesterday, and we got some insight about navigating the net from one finalist.


Cory Arcangel Exposes the Wannabe Authors of Twitter

I spoke to Cory about his sad and funny new book, Working on My Novel, which collects tweets using that phrase.


The Web's Darkest Found Footage Finds A Place On The Silver Screen

The Spectacle theater in Brooklyn is showcasing the video art of Cory Arcangel, Jennifer Chan, and more with "From The Cloud."


Documenting the Digital Excavation of Andy Warhol's Early Computer Art

A video explains the quest to wake the dead.


Viral Style: Personal Space Dresses, Virtual Keyboards And Surfwear For, Well, Surfing The Web

The 50th Viral Style! Time just flies, doesn't it?


Arcangel Surfware Is the First Clothing Line Designed for Surfing the Web

Artist Cory Arcangel has made supercuts of cats on pianos playing Shoenberg, ordered pizzas with a single line of code, and hung “paintings” that were made with a single click on Photoshop. Now, he's gearing up to launch a clothing line, Arcangel...


Andy Warhol's Forgotten Floppy Disk Art Has Been Found

If you've ever had difficulty opening, say, a .docx file, you can imagine the trouble inherent in retrieving files off of Commodore floppies.