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Islamist Militants in West Africa Plan to Attack Ghana and Togo Next, Says Government

Ghana's immigration service released a memo stating that Ghana and Togo will be the next targets for Islamist fighters, following high-profile attacks this year in Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast.


Al Qaeda Says It Carried Out Ivory Coast Beach Attack as Revenge Against France

The militants said Sunday's raid in Grand Bassam, which killed 18 people, was meant as a warning for countries who have allied with France and its military operations in West Africa.


Al Qaeda Militants Stopped for Beers Before Launching Deadly Beach Attack in Ivory Coast

Four men arrived in a Ford saloon car at a beachside bar around noon on Sunday, according to a waiter at the establishment, before launching the attack that killed 18 people.


Bloody Attacks on Ivory Coast Hotels Raise Profile of African al Qaeda Branch

This is the third time in recent months that the North African-based group al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb has claimed responsibility for an attack on soft targets in West Africa.


Militants Overrun UN Base in Timbuktu in Latest Attack in Mali

Early Friday morning unidentified assailants infiltrated the base in the city and attacked an army base nearby. A series of recent attacks and kidnappings in West Africa have put the region on edge.


Senegal Tries to Prevent Terror Attack by Rounding Up 900 People for Interrogations

After a series of deadly attacks by militants in West Africa, authorities in Senegal reportedly questioned hundreds of people over the weekend.


Slave Labor, the Mast Brothers, and the Looming Crisis of Cheap Chocolate

Much of the world's cacao is farmed with forced labor, and many of the world's best chocolate makers are broke, their companies close to folding. These are the dismal realities of cheap chocolate.


Candy Makers Are Desperate to Reverse a Potential "Chocopalypse"

It’s a lot to think about, and you’re probably not going to do so next time you unwrap a candy bar. But half a world away, a farmer is urging his plants to grow more and bigger cocoa pods for an industry that produces one of the most loved food...


Protests Turn Deadly in Ivory Coast Ahead of Presidential Elections

The violence occurred after the final list of candidates was announced this week. The vote in the West African nation is meant to draw a line under years of political turmoil.