Countdown to Zero


Your Holiday Gift Purchases Could Help End the HIV/AIDS Epidemic

This World AIDS Day is a moment when the international community comes together to fight a virus that has infected more than 70 million people.
Madeline Moitozo
Impact Health

The HIV/AIDS Epidemic Is Still Alive and Well

Despite major scientific breakthroughs that help prevent the spread of HIV, 240 new cases occur every hour.
Nadya Agrawal

Countdown to Zero, Next Steps

We're closer now more than ever, but there's still more to do.
Impact Staff
the vice reader

Read This Story About an HIV-Positive Drug Dealer in South Africa

An excerpt from Masande Ntshanga's striking debut novel, 'The Reactive.'
Masande Ntshanga

Watch a Web-Exclusive Clip from Our Doc 'Countdown to Zero' About HIV Treatment in South Africa

In this clip from our hour-long special report about the progress of HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment, Suroosh Alvi traveled to South Africa to take a look at how doctors and rural clinics there are fighting HIV.
VICE Staff

Watch Suroosh Alvi Go to Rwanda with Bono in This Web-Exclusive Clip from the VICE Doc 'Countdown to Zero'

VICE co-founder Suroosh Alvi traveled to Rwanda with U2 lead singer and (RED) co-founder Bono to explore how we have reached "the beginning of the end of AIDS" and what needs to happen next.
VICE Staff
Countdown to Zero

How the Drug War Accelerated the AIDS Epidemic in Black Communities

When AIDS first appeared on the scene in the 1980s, America was pursuing policies that lead to the mass incarceration of blacks exposed to HIV through intravenous drug use and crack-related sex work.
Robert E. Fullilove

Watch a Web-Exclusive Clip from Our Doc 'Countdown to Zero' About the Link Between HIV and Cervical Cancer

We sit down with former president George W. Bush, whose Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon alliance is dedicated to bringing women in Africa cancer treatment and preventative care.
VICE Staff

Watch Our HBO Special Report on the Fight to Cure AIDS, 'Countdown to Zero'

In it, VICE co-founders Shane Smith and Suroosh Alvi talk to the patients, policymakers, activists, clinicians, and researchers leading the international charge for an AIDS-free world.
VICE Staff
Countdown to Zero

Listen to the Reagan Administration Laughing at the AIDS Epidemic

Newly-discovered audio recordings from White House press conferences show Reagan's press secretary laughing off AIDS and making fun of "fairies."
Harmon Leon

Meeting the Men and Women Who Refuse to Believe That HIV Causes AIDS

Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, HIV denialists reject the idea that the virus causes AIDS. Some even question whether or not the virus actually exists.
Mark Wilding, Illustration: Thomas Pullin

A Conversation with the Architect of the UK's First Nationwide AIDS Campaign

In 1987, the former Conservative health secretary in the UK commissioned the controversial "Don't Die of Ignorance" advertisements. Treatment has changed for the better since then, but the man who designed the campaign says there's still a lot of work...
William Fairman and Max Gogarty