Yahoo May Have Exposed Rogers Customer Emails to US Spies

When emails go to the US, they're open to eavesdropping.


The Canadian Government’s Plan to Sell New Spying Powers to Citizens

The proposed measure has been defeated again and again.


CSIS Had No Policy for Collecting and Using Massive Amounts of Data

Sloppy data handling is a troubling trend among Canada's spies.


The 'Darth Vader' of Cyberwar Sold Services to Canada

VUPEN Security sold $14,000 worth of goods to the Canadian military. That amount of money can get you a surprising amount of sensitive information about fatal security flaws in commercial software.


Canada Doubles Spending on Counter-Radicalization

Justin Trudeau has committed $35 million to fight terrorism at home, but that's just about the only national security spending that the 2016 budget offers.


Canada Announces a $30 Billion Deficit and 10,000 More Syrian Refugees

Finance Minister Bill Morneau unveiled the new government's first budget on Tuesday. It's expensive.


Canadian Spies Get Spanked Again For Sharing Citizens' Data With the NSA

Two new reports say Canada's spy agencies have been playing fast-and-loose with the metadata it collects from Canadians.


Canadian Spies May Have Unintentionally Exposed Canadians to Foreign Spying

Canada's secretive spy agency is left crossing its fingers.


Where Canada's Three Political Parties Stand on Cybersecurity and Surveillance

Each party has finally addressed how their government would handle—or not handle—data breaches, cyberattacks and surveillance run amok.


When Canada Learned It Had Spies

The government had constantly denied that Canada was involved in spying or espionage—until an enterprising young Englishman named William Macadam came along.


'Dino,' French Malware Targeting Iran, Searches for Specific Data and Steals It

A researcher has found traces of yet another targeted French computer espionage operation.