data caps

data caps

Americans' Increasing Data Use Is on a Collision Course With Data Caps

Comcast customers are using more data than ever before, but restrictive broadband caps are set to clash with trends like 4K video streaming.
Karl Bode
data caps

Your 4K Netflix Streaming Is on a Collision Course With Your ISP's Data Caps

High-resolution video streaming is on the rise, but data caps could mean bigger bills for customers.
Karl Bode
short circuit

Cord Cutters Are Finding Ways to Cope With Comcast’s Data Caps

A 1TB data cap may seem like a lot, but not if you're streaming HD video all day, every day.
Bryan Rose

Medium, Mozilla, and Kickstarter Signed a Letter Against Zero-Rating

Coalition of tech and advocacy groups urges FCC to open zero-rating review to public scrutiny.
Sam Gustin
The Motherboard Guide to Cord Cutting

Why the Future of Cord Cutting Is Murkier Than Ever

Life as a cord cutter can be pretty great today, but potentially high costs and the threat of data caps may cause people to think twice about ditching cable.
Nicholas Deleon

Republican Anti-Net Neutrality Crusade Advances in Congress

GOP bill threatens to gut FCC authority over broadband giants.
Sam Gustin

Why It’s Taking So Long to Get to 5G

5G promises a super high-speed wireless infrastructure for the Internet of Things. Here’s how it would work.
Meghan Neal

FCC Asks Comcast, T-Mobile and AT&T If Their Data Plans Violate Net Neutrality

"Zero rating" is now in the agency's crosshairs.
Sam Gustin
short circuit

Why Comcast's Data Caps Aren't About 'Fairness'

How is charging everyone more money the only way to make things fair?
Kaleigh Rogers
short circuit

You Might Soon Be Paying Comcast $35 a Month for Unlimited Data

Comcast is rolling out data caps in several more markets.
Rachel Pick
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Automatic Windows 10 Updates Chewing Through Data Caps

Gee, thanks for asking.
Nicholas Deleon