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Axl Rose Is Abusing Copyright to Kill an Embarrassing Meme

Welcome to the jungle, we've got DMCA.


Canada’s Expanding Revenge Porn Laws Could Threaten Journalistic Freedom

The only thing worse than revenge porn would be bad revenge porn laws.


Canada Is Considering Spying on Kids to Stop Cyberbullying

This doesn’t seem like a great idea.


Why Canada's Telecom Regulator Is Suddenly Acting More Like the Cops

We're officially in the middle of a crackdown.


Free Expression Has Trounced a Law Against Online Harassment in Canada

The Cyber-safety Act was passed in the wake of the highly-publicized death of Rehtaeh Parsons, who attempted suicide and later died after she was relentlessly harassed by her peers, who circulated a photo she alleged showed her being raped.


Canadian Cops Want to Search Your Mail

Canada’s chiefs of police are asking the federal government to expand warrantless access to telecommunications subscriber information, create a real-time information database, and allow them to open your letters.


Rehtaeh Parsons’ Death Inspired a Cyberbullying Law in Canada — But Does It Hurt Free Speech?

The case of two feuding businessmen, one alleging the other “cyber-bullied” him, is raising new questions about the broadness of Nova Scotia’s Cyber-Safety Act.


The Deep, Dark Web Is Getting Some Company Soon — From Canadian Cops

The government recently announced some $12 million for a dozen projects — everything from efforts to combat radicalization, defuse bombs, and a web crawler "to explore anonymous and dark regions of the internet."