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Google Gives Free Security Keys to Activists, But Not if You’re in Iran or Syria

Sources and a document show how Google bars nonprofits from telling activists in certain countries about their products.


Facebook’s Phone Number Policy Could Push Users to Not Trust Two-Factor Authentication

Users are angry that Facebook is letting others, including advertisers, look up users via the phone numbers they provided to enable two-factor authentication.


How to Use GDPR To Stop Data Breaches Screwing You Over

You may just think of the GDPR as a privacy law. But you can use it to remove your sensitive data from company servers in anticipation of a hack.


Put an Extra Passcode On Your Cellphone Account

Your cellphone number is the key to your entire online identity. Criminals are increasingly targeting people's phone numbers as a way to steal their identities and break into their most sensitive accounts.


The Activist Developer Who Helps Journalists Protect Data and Sources

Harlo Holmes helps journalists learn how to use the anonymous whistleblower platform SecureDrop and how to stay safe online.


How to Lead a Digital Security Workshop

Do you want to teach people about infosec, opsec and how to stay safe online? Here's where to start.


What Learning to Lockpick Taught Me About Digital Security

Until you pick a lock, or challenge a password, you'll never know if it's really secure.


Crypto Pushed By the UK Government Has a Big Security Loophole

The encryption keys are handled by a central authority, which can then decrypt all communications.


Use a Dell? Hackers Can Grab Your Laptop's ID

Scammers could use the code to pose as tech support and gain control of your laptop.