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3 days ago
3 days ago

Turkey's Brutal Offensive Is Already a Disaster for the Kurds, a U.S. Ally

Beyond the rising death toll, the assault has sparked a mass exodus of civilians, with at least 70,000 people having fled border towns.

4 days ago

As STI Rates Soar, Trump Is Funding Clinics That Don't Believe in Condoms

Religiously affiliated groups are now receiving millions in federal funds—but doing little to prevent STIs.

4 days ago

Even Fox's Polling Is Showing Record Support for Booting Trump Out

According to the president's favorite cable news channel, 51 percent of registered voters support impeaching and removing him.

4 days ago

The U.S. Extracted the ISIS Beatles Before Turkey Started Bombing

The two notorious ISIS executioners were moved to U.S. custody amid fears of mass ISIS prison breaks during Turkey's invasion of Syria.


Will the 26 New Sexual Allegations Against Trump Be Ignored Like the Rest?

A new book titled 'All the President's Women' includes new stories about the president's alleged grotesque behavior.


How Democrats Will Weaponize Trump's Historic Impeachment Stonewalling

“If they are stonewalled now, they’ll take it as further evidence of obstruction. And they can drop all that evidence into a second article of impeachment”


How Trump Got On the Wrong Side of Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Fight

His call to Zelensky shows him siding with an office that activists have been fighting against





'Uncharted Ground': All the Ways This Impeachment Fight Is Nothing Like Watergate

"How much more will come out? How many more countries will come forward? Will there be tapes?"


Did Trump Just Try to Fire... Nancy Pelosi?

No, he can't do that.