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What Happens When Latinx People Gentrify Latinx Communities

LA's Boyle Heights is gentrifying despite a battle to ward off outsiders, and Latinx people may have something to do with that.
Ludwig Hurtado
Los Angeles

The Sushi Chef: Culichi Town

From deep-fried crab and shrimp rolls to a live Norteño band to cream cheese everything, LA's Culichi Town is definitely not your typical sushi restaurant.
Culichi Town
Street Food

This Is What Undocumented Street Vendors Think About Donald Trump

What tonight's results will look like according to the street vendors selling your favorite Mexican street foods.
Javier Cabral

This Cheeto-Crusted Spam Musubi Could Only Exist in LA

East Los Musubi is a pop-up food stand that is spreading the gospel of Hawaii’s snack staple to the inner city barrios of the mainland. However, not before making it their own.
Javier Cabral

Put On Your Leather Jackets and Listen to Stars At Night's Punk As Hell "Searching"

Stars At Night are making good, solid punk that sends a message but also gets you hyped as fuck to be hearing it.
Annalise Domenighini
Scene Reports

After Two Decades, LA's Latino Ska Scene Is Still DIY as Hell

Born in the early 90s, the local ska scene of inner-city LA has evolved from its origins in grassroots backyard gigs into a cultural youth movement still alive and skanking today.
John Ochoa

Mexican Sushi is Both Real and Delicious

From deep-fried crab to Norteño bands to covering almost everything in cream cheese, East LA's Culichi Town is not your typical sushi restaurant.
Munchies Staff