Eating on a budget

City Guide

The 12 Best Cheap Eats in New York

New Yorkers can find a lot to complain about, but a lack of cheap food isn't one of them.
Munchies Staff

Chicago's 11 Best Cheap Eats

Want to eat on the cheap in Chicago? We did all the hard work and found all of the most delicious but still affordable spots in town.
Munchies Staff

How I Survived Disneyland on Five Dollars

Unless you have a hook-up, the price of a single-day ticket for Disneyland is now $185. So here's your way of staying well-fed on only $5.
Julia Prescott
Los Angeles

The 17 Best Places in LA to Eat on a Budget

The City of Angels isn't all gyms for dogs and exorbitantly expensive detox juices—it’s also quite possibly the greatest city in America to eat on a budget.
Munchies Staff

Where to Eat in Boston on a Budget

Want to get the best cheap eats available in Boston? The MUNCHIES Guide to Boston is here to help, from seafood to meat pies to Chinese food.
Munchies Staff

Debunking the Myth That Healthy Food Is Super Expensive

The study compared the cost over seven days of a plant-based, olive oil diet to the lowest-cost version of the USDA's MyPlate diet.
Alex Swerdloff

You’ve Got No Excuse for Not Eating Well on a Budget, Cheapskate

Going out to eat in nice places can be an absolute shitter when it comes to the money factor. But that doesn't mean you can't eat well. Thankfully, I've got some suggestions on dining—even in fancy restaurants—when you're strapped for cash.
Dan Biddulph