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This Font Is Made of Ridiculously Gerrymandered Congressional Districts

The font is called Ugly Gerry and serves as a fun reminder that our political system is fundamentally dysfunctional.
Edward Ongweso Jr

This Tool Lets You See Facebook’s Targeted Political Ads All Over the World

Facebook has failed to be fully transparent with data concerning political advertising, so two researchers collected the data themselves.
Edward Ongweso Jr
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Here’s Beto’s Big Plan to Overhaul Our Election Laws

The Texas Democrat is going after gerrymandering to “ensure the makeup of districts reflects the preferences of voters statewide.”
Rex Santus

What Is Milkshaking?: Far-Righters Are Getting the Cold Shoulder in Britain

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage was the latest target.
Tess Owen
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Israelis head to the polls with a choice: right or righter

The left has been conspicuously absent from the conversation.
Amel Guettatfi
Hind Hassan

WhatsApp Launches a Tip Line for Misinformation in India Ahead of Elections

WhatsApp has been struggling to address misinformation and rumors on its app without compromising security. “Checkpoint Tipline” gives users in India an opt-in option to submit rumors for fact-checking.
Caroline Haskins
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Inside the youth-led protests that forced Algeria's president to not run for a fifth term

“We have to finish with these people. The new [leaders] should be the young people. It's a country of young people.”
Amel Guettatfi

The Indian general election is going to be a huge problem for Facebook

“India is a particularly tough challenge.”
David Gilbert

An Expert Explains the Many Ways Our Elections Can Be Hacked

On the second episode of CYBER, Kim Zetter talks about America's outdated voting machines.
Jason Koebler
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The Midterms Weren't Actually That Broken, Observers Say

As usual, US elections were beset by issues ranging from voter disenfranchisement to badly drawn districts. But Election Day itself was far from a disaster.
Mark Hay

Trump wants a local Florida elections official fired over conspiracy theories with zero evidence

President Donald Trump, as he is wont to do, has called for the firing of a person he disagrees with.
Rex Santus
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The Oil Industry Spent Millions to Kill an Anti-Pollution Measure

BP America, Chevron USA, and the Koch brothers were among those who spent $31 million to defeat the ballot initiative.
VICE Staff