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The Armed Bros Who Posed In Front of Emmett Till's Memorial Were Suspended from Their Frat at Ole Miss

The photo got hundreds of likes on Instagram.
Kelly Vinett

The DOJ has reopened the 1955 Emmett Till murder case that sparked the civil rights movement

The DOJ quietly reopened the investigation after receiving new information
Tess Owen
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Crying at the Foot of Emmett Till's Grave

On this week's episode, VICE's Wilbert L. Cooper talks about the ways black men in America grapple with race and masculinity.
Ellis Jones

I Was Forced to Fight, Now I'm Learning to Cry

Black boys have to bury their emotions as they face off against racism and chase machismo.
Wilbert L. Cooper
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Dana Schutz: Shaking Out the Bed

Dana Schutz has attracted controversy ever since her painting of murdered black teen Emmett Till whipped up debate at this year's Whitney Biennial. Now some are calling for Boston's ICA to pull her show there. But does the work suggest a way forward?
Claire Barliant
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Vandals Desecrated an Emmett Till Memorial in Mississippi

But that didn't stop a group of teens from going down there and repairing it themselves.
Drew Schwartz
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A white woman’s painting of Emmett Till’s mangled body has become the center of a heated debate

24-year-old Parker Bright is one of the artists at the center of the controversy, over the course of two days, Bright, wearing a t-shirt that read "Black Death Spectacle" stood in front of Dana Schutz's painting at the Whitney Biennial.

16-Second Video Artwork Sums Up Police Brutality

Sanford Biggers’ 'BAM' is a gripping tale of police violence against black bodies.
Antwaun Sargent