endangered species


The Trump Administration Just Gutted the Endangered Species Act

The Trump Administration released sweeping regulations to weaken the law credited with saving the bald eagle and the grizzly bear.
Madeleine Gregory

Humans Have Done 50 Million Years of Damage to New Zealand’s Birds

It would take longer than humans have been on this Earth to recover the number of bird species lost in New Zealand.
Madeleine Gregory

We Have Just ‘Days’ to Save This Rare Endangered Porpoise From Extinction

A new study estimates that there are likely just 9 vaquita porpoises left in the world. According to a co-author, we have just days to act on effectively enforcing a ban on illegal fishing nets.
Madeleine Gregory
endangered species

This Is How Quickly We're Killing the Planet

One million of the planet’s nearly 9 million species are facing extinction within decades, a new U.N. report says.
Emma Ockerman

Giant Tortoise Feared Extinct Reappears After 113 Years

As well as the Fernandina tortoise, another “giant” species thought to be possibly extinct showed up this year—Wallace’s giant bee.
Becky Ferreira
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Not enough cheetahs are making love. Urine may be the answer.

Cheetah pee could be the way to get picky felines in the mood.
Alzo Slade
government shutdown

The Government Shutdown Has Halted Wildlife Conservation and Research

Between the loss of revenue and the lack of staff, important wildlife conservation work done by the National Park Service has been put in jeopardy.
Kaleigh Rogers

Kid Scientists Capture Rare Footage of Endangered Animals on Camera Traps

A unique project turned students at schools around the world into citizen scientists.
Sarah Emerson

Everything You Wanted to Know About This Monk Seal With an Eel in Its Nose

“This is the third or fourth case of an eel in the nose that we have observed.”
Sarah Emerson
VICE News Tonight on HBO

These scientists are using fake turtle eggs to track poachers in Costa Rica

Scientists are studying poaching in Costa Rica by planting GPS-enabled eggs in sea turtle nests .
Arielle Duhaime-Ross

Seed Vaults Can’t Save a Third of Critically Endangered Plants

A new study published Friday in Nature Plants showed that 36 percent of critically endangered plants produce recalcitrant seeds, which can’t be preserved.
Kaleigh Rogers
killer whales

Our Efforts to Save the Whales May Be ‘Too Little, Too Late’

Both Canada and the US have failed to protect the endangered southern resident killer whale, whose population today is 74.
Alastair Spriggs