erotic art


These Playful Watercolor Paintings Update the Kama Sutra for 2018

“I found it only natural to include some homosexual and queer couples in my book—because, well, it’s 2018! I wanted my book to be colorful in every sense."


[NSFW] Raunchy Collages Merge Politics and Porn

Artist Jacqueline Mak takes on consumerism, body politics, and eroticism with humor and pin-up girls.


[NSFW] Gorgeous Watercolor Nudes Exude Feminine Eroticism

Russian artist Valéria Ko's sensual paintings celebrate the female form.


Masturbation Meets Shamanism in Colorful Patterned Wall Pieces

Elijah Burgher’s ritual process ruminates on friendship, death, gods, and demons.


This Photographer Captured People’s Faces the Moment They Orgasm

Alina Oswald's portraits of friends and strangers climaxing are safe for work, believe it or not.


[NSFW] Bunny Lee’s Nude Neon Women Don’t Care If You Stare

The Bronx-based artist's submissive subjects are colorful, strong, and unapologetic about their sexuality.


[NSFW] Erotic Nudes Emerge from 3D Optical Illusion Drawings

Half-formed nude bodies and faces appear in the barcode-like pen strokes of Nester Formentera.


[NSFW] Vintage Porn Bursts with Flowers in Dromsjel's Psychedelic Erotic Collages

Found porn and psychedelia merge in Pierre Schmidt, a.k.a., Dromsjel's warped collage-illustrations.


Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings Highlight Blossoming Young Women

Artist Soey Milk’s stunning scenes depict youthful beauty, erotism and femininity.


Sensual, Ethereal Watercolors Reinterpret the Female Form

Fahren Feingold's paintings bloom and radiate with ethereal energy and the occasional splash of bright color.


[NSFW] For Valentine's Day, Sotheby’s Is Hosting Its First-Ever Erotic Art Auction

Pick out a steamy Valentine's Day gift from over 100 pieces in the auction's catalog.


Grindr Expands Its Diverse and Sexy Photography Program

“The goal,” Grindr’s creative director tells The Creators Project, “is to become a bit of a launching ground for emerging talent and a place for established talent to show off work that they might not have demand for elsewhere.”