Russia says ex-U.S. Marine charged with spying held a flash drive of state secrets

“How he got it, what he was supposed to do with it, and whether [he] knew that he had secret information is unknown,” his lawyer said.


I Went to the Opening of a KGB Spy Museum and It Was Kind of Awesome

I, for one, welcome our new ex-Soviet overlords.


Another Huawei executive has been arrested — this time for espionage

Poland’s Foreign Ministry issued a warning before Christmas that it was concerned about Chinese spying.


The Quest to Pin the 90s Murder of a CIA Agent on the KGB

Twenty-five years ago, an American spy in Georgia was killed, supposedly by a drunken villager. Michael Pullara didn't buy that.


What is SS7 and is China Using It To Spy on Trump’s Cell Phone?

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The Spy Games of 'Phantom Doctrine' Offer More Style Than Substance

It looks and sounds like exactly what you'd want from an spy tactics game, but good ideas don't make for a great game.


Meet 'Intrusion Truth,' the Mysterious Group Doxing Chinese Intel Hackers

Since April last year, a group calling itself ‘Intrusion Truth’ has trickled out the real names of hackers working for Chinese intelligence. Recently the group has ramped up its efforts against a Chinese operation targeting governments and businesses.


If Trump Is a Russian Spy, This Is How They're Using Him

Just in case you wondered.


British troops are decontaminating the site of the Russian spy attack

Investigators had called in members of the military with expertise in biological and chemical weapons


Falling in Love with a Doomed Series

Too bad it won't live! Then again, endings are hard.