Ukraine’s PM eager to help bring down Manafort

Groysman, in Ottawa Tuesday for a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, was keen to distance the current government from the corruption of the previous, pro-Russian regime.


Corruption in Ukraine: Drifting Offshore

VICE News travels to Kiev to witness the embattled president push through a new fragile government, as allegations swirl around his offshore holdings.


The Activists on the Forefront of Ukraine's Cyberwar

A team of software engineers, with money from the Canadian government, are hoping to become the first line of defence for journalists and civil society in a country rife with cyber attacks.


Joe Biden Is Visiting Ukraine — And It Could Get Really Awkward

The US ambassador to Kiev recently called out the Ukrainian government for protecting the corrupt owner of an energy company that employs Biden’s son Hunter.


Two Years After Ukraine’s Euromaidan, Protesters Say 'Nothing Has Changed'

On the second anniversary of the beginning of the protests that toppled Ukraine’s government, there are still no answers as to who was responsible for the deaths of more than 100 demonstrators.


Meet 'Muslim': The Chechen Commander Battling Russia With Some Unlikely Allies

VICE News had afternoon tea with the leader of the Chechen "Sheikh Mansur" militia — one of three volunteer Islamic battalions fighting alongside right-wing groups in eastern Ukraine.


'The Pianist' Using His Music to Bring Russian and Ukrainian Soldiers Together

Ihor spent four months playing piano for the Russian separatists who held him prisoner.


Video Shows Aftermath of Deadly Police Shootout With Gunmen in Western Ukraine

The attack reportedly involved members of the Right Sector, a Ukrainian far-right paramilitary group that was heavily involved in the Euromaidan protests last year in Kiev.


Psychologists in War-Torn Ukraine Are Fighting a Battle Against PTSD on Two Fronts

Ukrainian psychologists are struggling to work with troops suffering from PTSD who reject therapy in a country that doesn't recognize its value.


Pro-Putin Activists Launch Russia's Answer to 'Charlie Hebdo' to Mock West

The first edition of "Sharzh i Pero," or "Cartoon and Pen," features cartoons mocking Ukraine's leaders and the West.


What Does Renewed Political Violence Mean for the Future of Ukraine?

A string of suicides and murders points to growing political instability in Ukraine.


'The Surgeon': We Spoke with the Leader of Putin's Favorite Biker Club, the Night Wolves

Alexander Zaldostanov, a former facial reconstructive surgeon, has evolved from a renegade biker into an active political voice promoting extremely conservative views and unfailing support for Putin.