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It's About to Get a Lot Harder to Buy Flavored Juul Pods

Facing pressure from the FDA, the company just announced it's going to stop selling mango, creme, fruit, and cucumber pods in stores.
Allie Conti
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FDA: No, You Can't Sell Vape Juice Spiked with Viagra

The agency busted an e-cig company after finding traces of prescription medications in its "healthcare flavors."
Drew Schwartz
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The Kratom Controversy

We talk about the herbal supplement used for opioid withdrawals and its new FDA classification on 'The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast.'
VICE Staff
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

WikiLeaks slid into Donald Trump Jr'.s DMs, Roy Moore said to have been banned from mall for stalking girls, Sessions mulls investigating Clinton Foundation, and more.
VICE Staff

Meet the Man Helping Patients Bring Cheap HIV-Preventing Drugs to Canada

The Calgary nurse got the idea from 'Dallas Buyers Club.'
Mike Miksche

The FDA Has Approved Generic PrEP—but Access May Remain Difficult

Experts cited complicated factors, like patient and doctor awareness and the unique way the US HIV medication market functions, as reasons not to get your hopes up.
Keren Landman

How Far Away Is the FDA from Allowing Gay Men to Donate Blood?

Experts and activists spoke to promising signs amid a frustratingly slow pace of change to what some call a discriminatory ban.
Matt Baume

The VICE Morning Bulletin

US ethics office (maybe sarcastically) praises Trump's vague promise to leave his business, Kanye West heads home after hospital treatment, thousands of military vets plan protective human shield at Standing Rock, and more.
VICE Staff

Why Can't We All Take Modafinil?

The world's favorite smart drug is much safer than Adderall and a promising treatment for substance abuse and neurodegenerative disorders—so why can't we use it?
Daniel Oberhaus
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How Two Trauma Surgeons Are Trying to Save More Shooting Victims

Two Temple University Hospital surgeons believe that more gunshot victims would survive if they're given a less invasive treatment in the ambulance and plan to test this hypothesis out on patients in Philadelphia.
VICE Staff

The Dangerous Practice of Seeking Medical Treatments Abroad

Over a million Americans will seek medical treatment outside of the United States this year, but "medical tourism" is not without serious risks.
Vanessa Nason

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Donald Trump refused to definitively say he will accept the November election result, Tesla will make all its new cars self-driving, support for legalizing marijuana has reached a record high, and more.
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