Final Fantasy VII

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We Need to Talk About 'Final Fantasy VII' And Spoilers

A whole generation of players didn't experience [blank]. Are we allowed to talk about [blank]?
Patrick Klepek
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'Rage 2' Just Makes Us Want to Play 2016's 'Doom' Again

And dang, we have some opinions about 'Final Fantasy VII.'
Patrick Klepek

20 Years Later, the Hardest Losses in 'Final Fantasy VII' Have Changed

A game remembered for individual loss was most prescient about looming societal tragedies.
Cameron Kunzelman
Game Design

These Books Offer a Cross-Section View of Classic Game Designs

The 'Reverse Design' gets beyond design platitudes with close interrogations of classic games' inner workings.
Cameron Kunzelman
E3 2017

Sony's E3 Has Increasingly Become About Games You Won't Play For Years

The company's press conference is always full of surprises, so long as you're okay being years older when they're done.
Patrick Klepek
Final Fantasy

A Belated Apology to the Kid I Stole 'Final Fantasy VII' From

I'm sorry, man. I'm sorry, and thank you.
Ian Stokes
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This Fan Project Fixed Final Fantasy VII, and You Can Play it Today

Square Enix already has gamers nervous about the direction of the Final Fantasy VII remake, but luckily there’s a fan-made overhaul project called The Reunion that you can play right now.
Nicholas Deleon
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Random Battles Axed in ‘Final Fantasy VII’ for iOS

And good riddance.
Nicholas Deleon

5 Things the 'Final Fantasy VII' Remake Needs to Have to Not Break My Heart

It's real. Now please let it be good.
Brittany Vincent

A 'Final Fantasy VII' Remake Is Finally Happening and Here's the Trailer

Your prayers are being answered.
Jason Koebler