The Power and Privilege Issue

Don’t Let Them Tell You That Your Job Determines the Respect You Deserve

The struggle to support oneself and its accompanying anguish are nothing new. But there’s something uniquely maddening about the financial anxiety Millennials must wrestle with today.
Ann-Derrick Gaillot

How Old Is Too Old to Live with Your Parents?

The question that's launched a thousand Reddit threads.
Allie Conti
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Being a Freelancer Can Really Suck

A conversation with the editor-in-chief of FREE, VICE's new personal finance site.
VICE Staff
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Millennials Are Missing Out on Life Because They Have More Debt Than Savings

A dark new poll found many 18- to-34-year-olds are waiting to have kids, get married, buy a house, or save for retirement because of crushing debt.
Adam Forrest

53 Reasons Life Sucks for Millennials

We're all going to die on the floor of an Amazon warehouse.
VICE Staff
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An Assistant Allegedly Stole $1.2 Million of Goldman Sachs Exec's Wine

Including fancy French stuff that sold for $20,000 a bottle.
Anna Iovine

Hanging Out with a Millionaire Felon During His Weekend Off from Prison

Two weekends a month, Per Ulrich Karpf gets time off from prison, which he spends living it up in Copenhagen.
Katrine Krøjby

The Last Anti–Wall Street Agency in DC Is Being Eaten from the Inside

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been targeting rich predators, even under Donald Trump. Now the White House is mounting a legally flimsy takeover that could directly affect your quality of life.
Matt Taylor

We Asked Hypebeasts Standing Outside Supreme for Financial Advice

If they can turn $40 T-shirts into a stack, why can't I?
Opheli Garcia Lawler
White-collar crime

The Feds Actually Expect Wall Street Bankers to Police Themselves

One of the most important financial regulators in America just announced his new plan for reining in white-collar crime. It doesn't look good.
David Dayen
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I Bought a Condo and It Ruined My Life

Nearly a decade after the collapse of the housing bubble, I'm still feeling the consequences.
Mike Tunison
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Finance Bros Sued for Strippers and Motorboating in the Office

A lawsuit alleges the office culture was "so sexually aggressive" it was "rivaled only by the businesses portrayed in the films 'Boiler Room' and 'The Wolf of Wall Street.'"
Drew Schwartz