ICE is force-feeding detained migrants on hunger strike to protest abuses

The federal officials at an El Paso jail are reportedly using nasal tubes to force-feed the protesters, some of whom are so weak they cannot stand up.


Retired General John Kelly Is Trump's Pick for Secretary of Homeland Security

In addition to having four decades of military experience, the retired four-star Marine general is also the highest-ranking military officer to ever have a child killed in combat in Afghanistan or Iraq.


French Foie Gras Exports Halted Due to Bird Flu

Sadly, for the libertines who have no moral opposition to shoving food into the bellies of birds with a long, metal tube, things aren’t getting better for the foie gras industry.


Why France Is Temporarily Banning Foie Gras

The prohibition comes amid reports late last year that the H5N1 virus, which is potentially lethal to both humans and birds, had been found at a chicken farm in the region.


The US Just Transferred Nine Guantanamo Detainees to Saudi Arabia

Among the prisoners being transferred is Tariq Ba Odah, whose eight-year hunger strike led to intensified scrutiny of the treatment that Guantanamo's detainees are subject to.


A Palestinian Journalist is Close to Death, 92 Days Into One of World's Longest Hunger Strikes

After three months without food, doctors warn that Palestinian prisoner Mohammed al Qiq risks organ failure and internal bleeding that could result in sudden death.


Emails Show That Even Military Commanders Have to 'Vent on Occasion' at Guantanamo

Military commanders reacted to an infamous detainee hunger strike and subsequent raid at Guantanamo with disdain and resentment, emails obtained by VICE News show.


Why Cops Forced a Jewelry Thief to Eat 48 Bananas in One Sitting

In order to get to the bottom of things, the cops ordered a “basketful” of bananas—four dozen to be exact—and forced the jewelry snatcher to eat them all.


Israel Releases Palestinian Hunger Striker Who Was Detained Without Trial

Mohammed Allan, a Palestinian lawyer and member of Islamic Jihad who nearly died during a two-month fast while in prison, was freed this afternoon.


Palestinian Hunger Striker Loses Consciousness, Testing Israel's 'Unethical' Force-Feeding Law

Israeli doctors are refusing to implement a new law permitting the force-feeding of prisoners on hunger strike. Rights campaigners say Mohammed Allan is now in a "near-death critical condition."


Israel Passes Prisoner Force-Feeding Law to Widespread Condemnation

Israel has passed a law allowing the force-feeding of prisoners despite widespread criticism from human rights groups and the country's top medical organization.


Pentagon Panel Proposes Sweeping Changes that Could Impact Guantanamo Force-Feeding

A committee that advises the Secretary of Defense has recommended that military healthcare workers be allowed to bow out of medical procedures that violate their profession's code of ethics.