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Retired General John Kelly Is Trump's Pick for Secretary of Homeland Security

In addition to having four decades of military experience, the retired four-star Marine general is also the highest-ranking military officer to ever have a child killed in combat in Afghanistan or Iraq.
Lauren Messman

French Foie Gras Exports Halted Due to Bird Flu

Sadly, for the libertines who have no moral opposition to shoving food into the bellies of birds with a long, metal tube, things aren’t getting better for the foie gras industry.
Nick Rose

Why France Is Temporarily Banning Foie Gras

The prohibition comes amid reports late last year that the H5N1 virus, which is potentially lethal to both humans and birds, had been found at a chicken farm in the region.
Nick Rose

Why Cops Forced a Jewelry Thief to Eat 48 Bananas in One Sitting

In order to get to the bottom of things, the cops ordered a “basketful” of bananas—four dozen to be exact—and forced the jewelry snatcher to eat them all.
Nick Rose

What's the Difference Between a Leaker and a Whistleblower?

The distinction may be the thing that keeps three WikiLeaks employees out of prison.
Joseph Bien-Kahn

South India Is Struggling to Overcome Its Forced Euthanasia Problem

For years, young people in South India have been euthanizing their elders to end their suffering or because they can no longer look after them, but change may have come after a wave of media attention.
Mike Pearl

Foie Gras Is Now Legal in California Again

Criticizing foie gras is easy, since it's fancy-people food that also tastes like cat food.
Arielle Pardes
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Foie Gras Is the Devil's Work

Foie gras is the result of gavage, a technique of forcing a tube down the throat of a helpless goose, and pumping the bird so full of food that their liver expands to about ten times the size.
Joshua David Stein