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How the Trump-Netanyahu Bromance Could Backfire On Israel

“My fear is that this move to bar two Congresswomen is turning Israel into a political football in the United States," said Yaakov Katz, Editor-in-Chief of The Jerusalem Post.
Greg Walters

Even AIPAC Is Pissed Israel Is Blocking Tlaib and Omar From Entering the Country

Israel's move to block the only two Muslim women elected to Congress breaks decades of precedent.
Cameron Joseph
climate change

Biden Has an Aggressive Plan to Force China to Go Green

The 2020 candidate has promised to attack 'global climate outlaws.'
Geoff Dembicki
Games Podcasts

'Dark Side of the Ring' Highlights How Strange Wrestling Really Is

The porous line between reality and pretense, in wrestling and in politics.
Rob Zacny

Mike Gravel, the Online Left-Wing Sensation, Is Also a 9/11 Truther

"There's no question in my mind that 9/11 was an inside job," the 88-year-old said on a conspiracy theorist's radio show in 2016.
Harry Cheadle

The Strange Disappearances of Saudi Students Accused of Crimes in the US

The Saudi government is facing allegations that it helped its citizens escape trial for serious crimes.
Donovan Farley

Guatemala's 'Slow-Motion Coup' Is Causing Migrants to Flee to the US

The real crisis Trump should focus on, experts say, is hundreds of miles south of the US-Mexico border.
Cole Kazdin

Trump lost his last general and U.S. foreign policy may never be the same

“What serious person is going to accept that job?”
Greg Walters
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Mattis's Resignation Shows a White House Spinning Out of Control

The last grown-up in Trump's cabinet is leaving. Now what happens?
Harry Cheadle
Jamal Khashoggi

Congress has a chance to embarrass Trump on Khashoggi and Yemen this week

Will Congress take back its constitutionally-mandated oversight of foreign wars?
Matt Laslo
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Trump Will Only Listen to 'Experts' if It Means Letting Americans Die in War

On Afghanistan, Trump's gut instincts may have been right—but somehow, it's the only subject on which he defers to the establishment.
Harry Cheadle
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Just Like Obama, Trump Seems to Be Giving Up on Ending America's Wars

After sounding like an anti-war candidate at times, Trump has taken a dive into the DC foreign policy swamp.
Harry Cheadle