These 54-Million-Year-Old Fly Eyes Are Preserved in Astounding Detail

The crane fly fossils upend theories about the structure of the most common visual organ in the animal kingdom.


The Smallest Fossilized Monkey Ever Is the Size of a Hamster

Parvimico materdei lived about 18 million years ago in what is now the Peruvian Amazon.


Fossils of a 12-Foot-Tall, 1000-Pound Bird Found in Crimea

Pachystruthio dmanisensis was three times the size of modern ostriches.


Ancient Bone-Crushing Hyenas Roamed the Arctic During the Last Ice Age

Scientists identified fossilized teeth as belonging to hyenas, providing evidence of their lives in the arctic during the last ice age.


This 40,000-Year-Old Wolf Head Was Found in Siberian Permafrost

Permafrost thaw is causing a surge of incredible paleontological discoveries. It’s also one of the most dangerous byproducts of the climate crisis.


Scientists Find One-Billion-Year-Old Fungus In the Canadian Arctic

The newly identified fungus is about 600 million years older than any other fungi in the fossil record.


Teen Finds Second Mastodon Fossil on Iowa Farm in 30 Years

The owners of the property want to keep their identities and location hidden for fear of fossil hunters.


This Bird Went Extinct and Then Evolved Into Existence Again

"We know of no other example in rails, or of birds in general, that demonstrates this phenomenon so evidently.”


This Preserved Millipede Lived 99 Million Years Ago Alongside Dinosaurs

The millipede is only 8.2 millimeters long, making it an “an extreme case of miniaturization.”


90-Million-Year-Old 'Chimera' Crab Was An Animal Mashup

"We have an idea of what a typical crab looks like—and these new fossils break all those rules."


Paleontologists Identify the World's Largest Tyrannosaurus Rex

"Scotty" weighed about 20,000 pounds and lived longer than any other known tyrannosaur, according to University of Alberta paleontologists.


500-Million-Year-Old Worm ‘Superhighway’ Found Hidden in the Mountains

A fossilized ecosystem offers new evidence for life that once existed in seemingly uninhabitable places.