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Francisco Franco is still dividing Spain three decades after his death

Spain is digging up the remains of Francisco Franco — and lots of controversy with him
Steven Bartus
the catalan legend of johan cruyff

Total Footballer, Total Rebel: Johan Cruyff and The Resurgence of Catalonian Pride

Several months on from the passing of one of the game's greatest icons, Shirsho Dasgupta examines how Johan Cruyff's upbringing in sixties Amsterdam prepared him for hero status among the Catalan people.
Shirsho Dasgupta
politics and the copa del rey

Royalist, Republican, Socialist, Fascist: The Chequered History of the Copa del Rey

Since its inception in 1903, the Copa del Rey has been treated like a political football. Over the decades, it has been appropriated by everyone and anyone who has ruled over Spain.
Will Magee

New Political Parties Expected to Shake Up Spanish Politics in Pivotal National Election

Newcomer parties Podemos and Ciudadanos are poised for big gains against Spain's traditionally dominant conservatives and socialists in Sunday's election.
Reuters and VICE News

Athletic Bilbao Is Basques Only and It's Working

Athletic Bilbao fields a team of Basque players only and is in the UEFA Champions League. How in the hell did they pull this off?
Patrick Redford

Els Masturbadors Mongòlics Brought Punk to Fascist Spain

As Francisco Franco's oppressive regime crumbled, the foursome introduced spitting and speed to a Spanish public that was still incapable of expressing themselves freely. They didn't last long, but they helped paved the way for a new Spain.
Jesús Brotons