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MUNCHIES: The Podcast: Life Lessons from the One and Only Jacques Pépin

Jacques Pépin is France's greatest gift to the United States.
Munchies Staff

I Survived the First Year of the Trump Presidency By Becoming Obsessed with French Food

Every time Trump signed a discriminatory executive order, I opened up one of my recipe books and found something to cook.
Jacy Topps

Inside France's Strange Love Affair with Canadian Cuisine

From gravy-drenched poutine to maple syrup and Kraft dinner, the French can't seem to get enough of Canadian comfort food.
Kait Bolongaro

This Chef Is Turning a Classic French Stew Into Burgers

Bouillabaisse, a traditional stew made with rock fish and vegetables has been enjoyed in the French port city of Marseille for years. Until one chef decided to turn it into a burger.
Michael Segalov

A Leak at a Dairy Plant Turned France’s Prettiest River into a Massive Butter Slick

An accident at a Quimper dairy manufacturer this week saw hundreds of kilos of butter pumped into the Odet, described by tourist guides as the “prettiest river in France.”
Phoebe Hurst

Meet the Filipino Sisters Behind Paris’ Coolest Neo-Bistro

Chef Tatiana Levha and sister Katia (front-of-house) run Le Servan, a casual Paris eatery injecting Asian flavours into traditional French dishes. “It’s pretty natural, it’s what we like to eat,” explains Katia.
Phoebe Hurst

Brits Can’t Deal with Curved Croissants So This Supermarket Will Only Sell Straight Ones

British supermarket Tesco has announced that it will no longer sell curved croissants because customers find it “easier to spread jam on a straighter shape with a single sweeping motion.”
Phoebe Hurst

Action Bronson Tries a Legendary French Duck Dish with Daniel Boulud

Action had always wanted to try the classic French dish canard à la presse, so we made it happen—with a little help from legendary chef Daniel Boulud.
Action Bronson

Hey London, Win Dinner for Two at Michelin-Starred Restaurant Lyle’s

We’re giving away a table at London restaurant Lyle’s’ exclusive dinner with Paris chef Bertrand Grébaut.
Munchies Staff