Now You Have to Jump Through Extra Hoops to Get Money From the Equifax Hack

The $125 in free money suddenly has a bunch of strings attached.


The FTC Should Fine Itself for False Advertising for Promising You $125 from Equifax

Consumer groups say the FTC engaged in the same false and deceptive behavior it’s supposed to police.


The Equifax Settlement Is a Cruel Joke

Experts say the FTC dramatically underestimated the public’s anger over repeated privacy violations.


The Government Wants to Tackle Big Tech's Repair Monopolies and Planned Obsolescence

The FTC's "Nixing the Fix" hearing is a small but important step forward for the right to repair movement.


75% of FTC Officials Worked for Corporations It’s Supposed to Be Regulating

A new report says most FTC officials over the past 20 years worked for corporations before or after their tenure, and more than half had direct financial conflicts of interest.


Senators Introduce Bill That Would Ban Websites From Using Manipulative Consent Forms

Platforms have a problem with informed consent. A new Senate bill might change that.


Note to phone scammers: Don't call the former head of the FBI

Jamaican phone scammer Keniel Thomas couldn’t have found a worse mark.


Our Robocall Hell Is a Result of Inconsistent Enforcement and Carrier Apathy

Despite endless government initiatives, updated regulations and a laundry list of promises from industry, the problem is worse than ever.


Melania Trump's new "Be Best" pamphlet was first published under the Obama administration

First lady Melania Trump isn’t exactly known for her originality when it comes to public messaging.


FTC Gives Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo 30 Days to Get Rid of Illegal Warranty-Void-if-Removed Stickers

The FTC says that if companies don't change their warranty practices, it may take 'legal action.'


DJ Khaled's Vodka-Spiked Cereal on Snapchat May Have Violated Federal Laws

We thought you said not to play yourself!!!


FTC Says 'Warranty Void If Removed' Stickers Are Bullshit, Warns Manufacturers They're Breaking the Law

Federal law says you can repair your own things, and manufacturers cannot force you to use their own repair services.