• 5.26.13

      Getting Busted in New York

      In most places in the world, weed is still an illegal substance. But despite that illegality, some law enforcers tolerate it’s use. An understanding exists between weed smokers and many police: as long as you’re discreet about it, you won’t get hauled...

    • 3.25.13

      Kimani Gray and Two Weeks of Struggle in Flatbush, Brooklyn

      Daily demonstrations in Flatbush began two weeks ago, after 16-year-old Kimani Gray was gunned down by two plainclothes cops with lengthy histories of misconduct, who ambushed the young man on the street, jumping from a vehicle and discharging seven...

    • 2.3.13

      Testilying: Cops Are Liars Who Get Away with Perjury

      Misrepresentation, deception, and outright lying appear to be part of a police officer’s job description, so much so that the term “testilying,” now common vernacular for police falsifications, was actually coined by NYPD officers as something of an...

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    • 1.20.13

      Chipping Away at Stop-and-Frisk

      Fifty-one-year-old Charles Bradley finished his shift as a security guard and took the subway to visit his estranged fiancée at his former house in the Bronx. It might have been a night of reconciliation. But instead, it was a night spent interrogated...