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We Investigate Canada's Epidemic of Missing Indigenous Women Tonight on VICELAND

VICE explores what's behind the disturbing rise of missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada and what's being done to stop it on tonight's episode of 'WOMAN' on VICELAND.


Society Needs to Allow Men the Right to Cry

In light of Tim Hunt's comments, everyone's been weighing in on whether men or women cry more often. But who cares? What's wrong with a little weep every now and then?


The Hardest Part About Being a Trans Gamer Is Speaking Up

When a trans gamer's voice doesn't line up with their teammates' expectations, abuse can follow.


Everyone's Angry About a Swedish Music Video Featuring Penises and Vaginas

Some people are obviously concerned about little kids being exposed to genitals, but others complained that the video promoted restrictive gender norms and transphobia.


Snövit Hedstierna Talks About Her Art and Looking at Your Genitals

The Swedish artist has made headlines for inviting people to spoon, as well as an exhibition that featured men and women examining their private parts in public.


Abortion affects men, too

Abortion is often treated exclusively as a women’s health issue. And let’s face it, the women’s perspective is more important.


If James Franco Directed 'Othello,' He Would Lose the Sexism

It is time for a shift in perception about Shakespeare’s Othello. Since its first performance in the early 1600s, the production has gone different permutations.


Australia's Sex Non-Specific Ruling Has Some Confusing Implications

The High Court of Australia made a historic “non-specific” ruling. So, what do you call somebody who is now “neither man nor woman?"


This Map Shows the Huge Gender Gap in Science Publishing

Male authors wrote 70 percent of all scientific papers published in the last four years.


It's Complicated: A Transgender Transcontinental Skype Chat with JD Samson and Willy Siegel

It's a rare treat to listen to JD Samson, the epicly mustachioed icon of MEN/Le Tigre fame, and Willy Siegel, front-person for killer queercore band Ponytail, chatting on Skype about gender issues, feminism, being kick-ass queer rockers and the...