Late Capitalism

Tech Giants Want to Solve the Housing Nightmare They Helped Create

Welcome to America, where charitable CEOs make housing policy and "affordable" doesn't mean what you think it does.
Ankita Rao
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

Targeted Advertising Online Is Hurting Us All

VICE talked to researcher Nathalie Maréchal about a new, terrifying economic system she calls "surveillance capitalism."
VICE Staff

Hey Google! Is It Cool If My Emails Have Some Fucking Personality?

Gmail's new tools are supposed to make life easier, but they suck the humanity out of writing an email.
Eve Peyser
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Guess Who Comes Up When You Search 'Idiot' on Google Images

Just guess.
Drew Schwartz

The Neighborhood Where Google Plans to Kill the Private Car

Inside the internet giant’s plan to build a utopian car-free neighborhood on Toronto’s waterfront.
Geoff Dembicki

We Answered America's Most Googled Questions of 2017

Somehow "How to make slime?" was a more pressing concern than, say, "How to survive a nuclear blast?"
Caroline Thompson
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

Trump's Trans Military Ban, Russian Ads, and Working Out During Work

On this episode of 'The VICE Guide to Right Now' podcast, we discuss major tech companies' testimony on Russia, the ruling on transgender soldiers in the military, and exercising at work.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Amazon Is Reviewing an Algorithm That Grouped Bomb Ingredients Together

The website's "frequently bought together" feature directed customers to items that can be combined to produce crude explosives.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

North Korea fires another missile over Japan, 18 injured in terrorist incident in London, Harvard retracts Chelsea Manning's fellowship, and more.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

White Supremacist Chris Cantwell Got Booted from His Favorite Dating Site

OkCupid is the latest tech company to cut ties with members of hate groups using their platforms.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

UN to slap North Korea with new sanctions, Chicago sues US over sanctuary city funding threat, Israel may ban 'Al Jazeera,' and more.
VICE Staff

Apple's New Emojis Will Blow Your Lid

A slew of icons, released in celebration of World Emoji Day, reveal new hijab, breastfeeding, and elf icons.
Beckett Mufson