Gordon Brown


Here’s what World War II veterans say about Brexit

Campaigners on both sides of the Brexit campaign appealed to World War II history (and Winston Churchill) to make their case.


Iraq war report could get Tony Blair impeached—9 years after he left office

The report will look at the intelligence failures that led to Britain's involvement in Iraq, and whether then-Prime Minister Tony Blair misled parliament and the public about the his intentions to take part in the 2003 US invasion.


The Battle Between Oxford University Students and the British Empire

Leaked documents show that Oxford University trustees were concerned about losing around $150 million in donations if they removed a statue of a famed 19th century British Empire-builder.


How Labour Lost Ground to the Scottish National Party

The Scottish Labour Party is "now set to defcon fucked" according to an MP.


The Future of College Towns in the UK

Depending on the election results, UK college towns of the 2020s might be the preserve of super-wealthy students who travel to and from lectures in taxis.


UK Under Pressure Over Promises of Scottish Powers

Scotland may have voted against independence, but with demands for greater devolution from Edinburgh and elsewhere in the UK, the story isn't over yet.


Asparagus Can Predict Your Future

Making your urine smell ungodly isn't asparagus' only superpower. It can predict your future, too. I traveled the width of England to meet Jemima Packington, "The World's Only Asparamancer," to have my future told by the mighty spears.


Britain's Chief Opposition Party Is Still Kicking People Out of Their London Homes

Despite staking its 2015 election campaign on solving England's housing crisis, the party of Tony Blair is dropping the ball at the local level.