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Climate Change Is Coming for Your Scotch

Distilleries in Scotland lost precious production time because they ran out of water
Alex Lubben
climate change

Arctic Warming Will Cost At Least $24 Trillion More Than We Thought, Study Finds

The economic losses of climate change, both past and future, are outlined in two new studies this week.
Becky Ferreira
climate change

A Strong US Economy Doesn’t Have to Mean a Worse Climate

A new report estimating the carbon emissions for 2018 shows they have risen for the first time in four years, in part due to the growing economy.
Kaleigh Rogers
climate change

The White House doesn’t want anyone to know how much carbon is in the atmosphere

"This is horrifically short-sighted, and entirely gratuitous political interference in scientific research."
David Gilbert
climate change

The Trump Administration Is Officially Repealing the Clean Power Plan

Scott Pruitt announced his agency is rolling back President Obama’s signature policy, which aimed to curb greenhouse gas emissions.
Louise Matsakis
Livable Planet

NYC's New Emissions Cuts are Like Taking 900,000 Cars Off the Road

New York City will target 14,500 buildings to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to keep a commitment to the Paris climate accord.
Madeline Moitozo

Federal “State of the Climate” report buries human role in global warming

Carter Sherman
Sarah Sax
Fighting Words

Hospitals Generate an Incredible Amount of Waste

And many of them aren't even trying to go green.
Kunal Sindhu

When Trump’s Energy Secretary Was Governor, Texas Led the US in Carbon Emissions

Under Rick Perry, the state emitted nearly as much CO2 as the entire country of Canada.
Kaleigh Rogers

Inside the Forest That's Simulating Global Warming

Scientists are superheating this slice of land to see what will happen 100 years from now.
Madison Margolin

How to Talk About the Paris Climate Agreement at the Bar

Is the world saved yet?
Kaleigh Rogers

Europe Needs to Halve Its Beef Consumption in Order to Meet Its Climate Change Goals

The study said that radically reducing beef and mutton consumption is “unavoidable” if Europeans are serious about emission reduction.
Alex Swerdloff