health problems


Even the Gods Need Rest

Motörhead's Lemmy Kilmister walked offstage in Austin last night and has cancelled several shows on the band's current tour. As his health problems continue to worsen, even fans wonder: after all these years of awesomeness, doesn't he deserve a break?


This Lake Shouldn’t Be Blue (Excerpt from ‘Toxic Waste in the US: Coal Ash’)

In this excerpt, VICE News correspondent Neha Shastry visits Little Blue Run, the largest coal ash impoundment in the US, and speaks to a resident about the environmental effects of this big blue toxic lake.


Contaminated Drinking Water (Extra Scene from 'Toxic Waste in the US: Coal Ash')

In this extra scene, a couple living near a coal ash pond in Dukeville, North Carolina, speak about how finding out that their drinking water is contaminated shone a new light on the illnesses in their family and in the neighborhood over the years.


Avicii Cancels All Future Concerts Citing Health Issues Amid Rumors of Bigger Problems

The superstar DJ will recuperate in Stockholm while chatter swirls about his alcohol issues.