climate change

Australia's Extreme Heatwaves Have Killed a Million Fish, Dozens of Horses

Temperatures in Port Augusta soared to 49.1ºC (120.4ºF) on Thursday, making it the hottest spot in the country.
Becky Ferreira

Get Drunk and Take Your Clothes Off for Finnish Midsummer

Beer, potatoes, and herring in the land of the midnight sun.
Ilkka Sirén

Something Strange Is Killing a Whole Bunch of Sea Creatures In Canada

Something weird is happening.
Jordan Pearson
The Last Bite

The Last Bite: Northumberland’s Ancient Kipper Smokehouse

Welcome back to The Last Bite, our column documenting the survival of traditional food establishments. Today we visit the world-renowned L. Robson & Sons, who have been smoking Craster kippers for nearly 100 years.
Luke Slater

Rare Footage of a Humpback Whale ‘Bubble-Net’ Hunting

Thar she blows bubbles.
Sarah Emerson

A Rotten Fish Party Sent Stockholm into a Panic

Rescue services in Stockholm were called to the scene of what residents thought was a potentially explosive gas leak—but it turned out to be the funky delicacy known as surströmming.
Nick Rose

I Threw a Dinner Party with the World's Stinkiest Fish

The smell of surströmming, a Swedish delicacy of fermented Baltic herring, will punch you in the face if you're not used to it. But for those of us who grew up eating this powerfully funky fish, there's no greater pleasure in the world.
Astrid Madberg

Polish Summer Food Goes Way Beyond Cabbage and Potatoes

Poland isn't a dungeon of meat and starch, but a wonderland of strawberries, seafood, and locally sourced, seasonal produce. You've just got to know where—and when—to look.
Dara Bramson

I Fell Under the Drunken Spell of Midsummer's Pagan Magic

The old pagan sun-worshiping festival known as Midsummer is often plagued by bad weather in Sweden, but we make up for it by eating a smorgasbord and drinking enough aquavit to forget the songs we sing dancing around a pole.
Theo Hagman Rogowski

The World’s Biggest Chefs Want You to Eat the Ocean’s Smallest Fish

An ocean conservation organisation has started a campaign to bring easily replenished small fish like anchovies and herring to restaurant menus. Ferran Adrià, René Redzepi, and Grant Achatz are already on board.
Rachel Walker

The MUNCHIES Guide to Sweden: Göteborg

In our opening episode, Ivar travels to Göteborg, Sweden’s fish capital, to put together a Swedish smörgåsbord with catch straight from the sea.
Ivar Berglin
Nomadic brews

Making Beer for a Michelin-Starred Chef Is Beyond Intimidating

I've collaborated with some of the world's best restaurants, but working with someone who is at the top of their game is still intimidating in many ways. This time, I brewed with the famed Mathias Dalghren, who made me wonder if I’m secretly Swedish...
Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø