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What You Need to Know About India’s Landslide Elections

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Hindu nationalist party are on track to consolidate their power with an unexpected victory.
David Gilbert

Grenades, Cheap Gas, and a Godman: The Cult That Went to War With Police in India

At least 29 people were killed last week when police in India ousted members of a religious sect from a public park where they had built a secretive mini-state.
John Dyer
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Modi Faces Renewed Criticism About Religious Freedom After India Blocks US Monitors

Many countries with less-than-stellar track records on religious tolerance have allowed entry to members of a US monitoring commission, but India is shutting them out.
John Dyer
asia & pacific

India's Plan for Farmers to Solve the Drought? Yoga and Good Vibes

India's Hindu nationalist government has proposed that farmers cope with depleted water tables and soil depletion by meditating near crops, in order to make them grow more efficiently. Experts call it quackery.
Avi Asher-Schapiro
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Cow Retirement Homes Are Booming in India — Here's Why

Hindu nationalist groups fighting for the protection of India's cows have succeeded in expanding statutes against slaughter, which have increased cattle smuggling as well as the need for cattle shelters.
Mansi Choksi

India's 'Resettlement' of Kashmiri Hindus to Hotly Contested Region Stokes Resentment

The immediate impression given by the government was that the "composite townships" would essentially be heavily guarded colonies for Hindus who had migrated from the region.
Baba Umar

'How Can the Government Say What We Cannot Eat?': Mumbai Muslims Are Stung by Beef Ban

Members of Maharashtra's Muslim minority control its beef trade, and complain that they have increasingly been targeted with threats since the BJP's electoral victory last May.
Suranjana Tewari

Hindu Nationalism in the Age of Modi

Last month, Indian voters handed a sweeping victory to a political party that has historic ties to a Hindu extremist group that believes that India—the polyglot, multi-faith subcontinent—is in fact a Hindu nation. Now that they're in power, what does...
Sonia Paul

Requiem for India’s Congress Party: A Loser’s Diary

The results of India's general election were announced today, making official what most polls predicted: an unprecedented defeat for India's historically dominant center-left party. But the cycle of political births and deaths in India has spun this...
Sonia Paul