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The Moment in Adulthood When You Realize Your Parents' Cooking Kind of Sucks

For years, I was utterly convinced that all my childhood meals were worthy of three Michelin stars. Then I tasted legitimately good food.


How-To: Make Borek with Action Bronson and His Aunt

Watch as Mr. Wonderful and his aunt teach you how to make borek, a stuffed puff pastry pie of sorts that she fills with sautéed ground beef and onion.


I Went to a Dinner Inspired by a Film About Eating Yourself to Death

I went along to “La Grande Bouffe,” a dinner at London French restaurant Sardine that draws inspiration from the gluttonous 1973 film of the same name.


MUNCHIES: The Podcast: How Large Marge Is Picking Up Where Betty Crocker Left Off

On the latest episode of the podcast, I sit down with the creator of Large Marge, a catering company that wants to get people back into the kitchen with a unique strategy.


The World's Best Breakfast Is in a Small Village in Northwest Mexico

The only ingredient used to season the best breakfast dish on earth is grain salt, and it’s paired with nothing but simple, well-seasoned refried beans and handmade tortillas.


A New Study Says That No One Actually Follows Recipes

Kitchen brand NEFF questioned 1,500 Brits on their cooking habits and found that just 7 percent think it's important to follow a recipe when cooking.


This Food Start-Up Connects You to Home Cooks in Your Community

Josephine is an Oakland-based food startup with some radical ideas about bringing community outreach to the food world. The online and app-based service connects people looking for a good meal with neighbors and local chefs who have signed on to...


Coming to Terms with Mexican Feminism in the Kitchen

My grandmother held little regard for her “place in the kitchen,” as providing meals for the family was simply a responsibility. For a long time I felt this way too, but I've grown to learn that the kitchen can be a space of empowerment and creativity.


A Detroit Man Stabbed His Friend for Stirring His Chili

The hot-headed cook was evidently preparing a very-late-night meal—the incident took place just after 5:10 am last Friday. The victim was taken to a local hospital with bite and stab wounds to the thigh.


Most British Home Cooks Only Know Five Recipes

How do stir fry, spag bol, and beef casserole sound? Good because a new survey has found that over half of British adults know just five recipes or less by heart and cook them at least once a week.


How to Hot-Box a Fish

There’s something nice about harnessing the connection of smoking with fire—it’s one of the oldest and most important relationships we have as humans. Here's how to smoke your own fish at home. Just remember to open the windows.


I Made Marijuana Edibles at Hunter S. Thompson's Ranch

Hunter S. Thompson fought many battles in his life, and didn't often win. So what better way to help him posthumously celebrate the sweet smell of herbal liberation in Colorado than by throwing a small victory party at his fortified compound, Owl Farm.