Huawei’s New Smartphone Is 'Practically Useless' Thanks to Trump's Security Ban

The ban means Huawei can't do business with Google, so the cutting-edge new phone has none of the apps you need.


Huawei Employees Have Been Working With China's Military for at Least a Decade

Meanwhile, a report on Huawei devices found "hundreds of cases of potential backdoor vulnerabilities" that could be exploited by bad actors.


The US Ban on Huawei Is Causing a Global Mess

The highly interconnected nature of the global tech industry means the US ban has wide ripple effects.


Who’s Afraid of Huawei?

In this week's CYBER podcast, we spoke to VICE News reporter William Turton, who just spent a week in China as part of a bizzarre Huawei junket.


Trump’s Sanctions on China Are Making Huawei Phones Less Secure

Google is shutting down its business relationship with Huawei. What does this mean for the security of your Huawei devices?


Trump Administration to Europe: It’s Our Way, Not Huawei

The Commerce Department is about to make it very hard for the Chinese telecomms giant to do business in Europe.


Trump threatens Germany: We won’t share intel if you use Huawei

The German embassy in Washington confirmed it received the letter, but declined to comment on its contents.


Beijing tells Huawei not to be “victimized like a silent lamb” in its fight with the U.S.

“We support the company and individual concerned taking up the weapons of the law to protect their interests."


Huawei trolls the U.S. by opening a cybersecurity center in Europe

“Trust in cybersecurity is one of the major challenges that we face as a global community.“


Huawei founder warns Trump you cannot "crush us" because we are “more advanced”

“Even if they persuade more countries not to use us temporarily, we can always scale things down a bit.”


The UK will defy Trump and embrace Chinese technology giant Huawei, report says

The U.K. would be the first of the "Five Eyes" countries to break ranks with the White House.


Everything you need to know about U.S. charges against tech giant Huawei

Beijing is standing behind one of its most prestigious companies and urged Washington to “stop the unreasonable crackdown.”