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Ancient Bone-Crushing Hyenas Roamed the Arctic During the Last Ice Age

Scientists identified fossilized teeth as belonging to hyenas, providing evidence of their lives in the arctic during the last ice age.


Scientists Discover Hidden Asteroid Crater Under a Mile of Greenland Ice

Research partially funded by Carlsberg beer company found an asteroid impact underneath Greenland’s Hiawatha Glacier.


Yukon Miners Dug Up a 50,000 Year Old Mummified Wolf Pup

The preserved corpses of an ice age wolf pup and caribou calf, dug up in 2016 in the Yukon, are on display in Dawson City.


The World’s Biggest Underwater Cave Is Full of Maya Bones and Artifacts

Mexico’s San Actun cave system contains pottery, bones of extinct giant sloths, and a 9,000-year-old human skull.


This Ecologist Finds Clues to Anthropocene Survival in Ice Age Extinctions

Whether she’s reconstructing the Pleistocene world or advocating for a more inclusive science community, Jacquelyn Gill is all about interdisciplinary approaches.


Apparently, New Zealand's Ice Age Was a Great Time For Kiwi

The secrets of New Zealand's ice age have been hiding in kiwi DNA.


What Woolly Mammoth Extinction Tells Us About Our Rapidly-Changing Future

They died of thirst on a remote Alaskan island.


That Massive Sinkhole in Ottawa Might Be Due to ‘Quick Clay'

City officials haven’t yet pointed to a firm cause.


Researchers to European Islamophobes: Your Ancestors Were Migrants Who Settled in Belgium

Since the end of the last Ice Age, migration and population turnover — sometimes driven by changes in the climate — have been common features in Europe.


Global Warming Could Delay the Next Ice Age by 100,000 Years

A new study shows the extraordinary extent to which anthropogenic global warming is altering the naturally occurring changes of the Earth's climate.


Humans Are Off the Hook for the Mastodon Extinction

We may be pretty talented at edging out other species. But the mastodon was not one of them.


Finding Ice Age Human Remains Is Really Hard

Archaeologist Ben Potter started as a graphic designer. Now he is excavating some of the most spectacular specimens in Alaska.