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What It’s Like Working at a Company Where Everyone Knows Your Salary

Can pay transparency solve income inequality?
Judy Cai
Kristin Fraser
Late Capitalism

Jeff Bezos Is So Powerful He Basically Dictates the Minimum Wage Now

The Amazon CEO announced he's upping pay for his workers, which could force competitors to follow suit and bolster his own image, too.
Allie Conti

What a Day of Protesting Against Tim Hortons Looks Like

After some franchises clawed back worker benefits following a minimum wage hike, VICE visited some of the 15-plus rallies scheduled across Ontario.
Mack Lamoureux

The NFL's Growing Class Divide Could Undermine a Potential Player Strike

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman says a labor walkout is necessary to get concessions from league owners. But the have-and-have-not economy fostered by the 2011 CBA may make a strike less likely.
Patrick Hruby
Smart Cities

How an Old Industrial Ship Yard Created 7,000 New Jobs

Brooklyn Navy Yard President and CEO David Ehrenberg tells Motherboard how his non-profit reclaimed an industrial workspace and updated it for the 21st century.
Samantha Cole
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The Revolution Won't Start Until We Talk About Our Salaries

A more equitable economy starts with a little bit of transparency.
Rick Paulas
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More Americans Than Ever Have Mental Health Problems

And access to care is getting worse, not better.
Nick Keppler
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Americans agree on what to do about inequality — and they're doing it

Matt Phillips

Who's to blame for income inequality in the U.S.? Random Walks episode 1

Vice Money

Trump Says He'll 'Revive Inner Cities' but Doesn't Have a Plan to Fight Poverty

Unsurprisingly, the orange demagogue who may have avoided paying income taxes for two decades hasn't made income inequality a priority.
Gabby Bess
Luxury Week

When Income Inequality Causes the Rich to Seek Shelter

Best way to respond to the vast income gulf? Run and hide.
Malak Abas
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

How Hillary Clinton's Attack on the Alt-Right Went Wrong

By dismissing Donald Trump and his supporters as racists, the Democratic candidate ignores the economic and political anxieties that allowed him to thrive in the first place.
Grace Wyler