income inequality


Bernie Sanders’ War With CEOs Making Bank Just Got Real

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The U.S. Wealth Gap Just Hit a Depressing 50-Year High

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The Amazon CEO announced he's upping pay for his workers, which could force competitors to follow suit and bolster his own image, too.


What a Day of Protesting Against Tim Hortons Looks Like

After some franchises clawed back worker benefits following a minimum wage hike, VICE visited some of the 15-plus rallies scheduled across Ontario.


The NFL's Growing Class Divide Could Undermine a Potential Player Strike

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman says a labor walkout is necessary to get concessions from league owners. But the have-and-have-not economy fostered by the 2011 CBA may make a strike less likely.


How an Old Industrial Ship Yard Created 7,000 New Jobs

Brooklyn Navy Yard President and CEO David Ehrenberg tells Motherboard how his non-profit reclaimed an industrial workspace and updated it for the 21st century.


The Revolution Won't Start Until We Talk About Our Salaries

A more equitable economy starts with a little bit of transparency.


More Americans Than Ever Have Mental Health Problems

And access to care is getting worse, not better.


Trump Says He'll 'Revive Inner Cities' but Doesn't Have a Plan to Fight Poverty

Unsurprisingly, the orange demagogue who may have avoided paying income taxes for two decades hasn't made income inequality a priority.