Internet History


The Many Ways Planned Obsolescence Is Sabotaging How We Preserve Internet History

We keep screwing over yesterday’s technology due to an intent focus on what we’re doing today. The problem of planned obsolescence is only getting worse.
Ernie Smith
Games News

Newly Surfaced Arcade Documents from the 1970s Predicted a Wild Future for Video Games

Atari executives thought we'd replace roller coasters with arcade machines.
Mitch Bowman

The Rise and Demise of RSS

Before the internet was consolidated into centralized information silos, RSS imagined a better way to let users control their online personas.
Sinclair Target
Internet History

These 'Ghost Characters' Don't Mean Anything But You Can Type Them Anyway

Forty years ago, a handful of fake Japanese characters ended up in Unicode by mistake.
Paul McCann

A 15-Year-Old Has Saved an 80GB Archive of Apple Videos From YouTube’s Censors

A massive archive of files deleted by YouTube has been saved as a huge torrent file.
Samantha Cole
Internet History

Amateur Porn Platform Eroshare Is Shutting Down

"Sadly, we are no longer able to offer this service."
Jason Koebler
Internet History

AOL Is Mysteriously Shutting Down the 19-Year-Old Community That Inspired Wikipedia

Editors of DMOZ, a human-curated web directory say the "community is understandably devastated."
Jason Koebler

Early Efforts to Bring the News Online Changed the Shape of Media Forever

Newspapers said they wanted to protect the print product, but they were raring to go when it came to experimental online news approaches in the early 80s.
Ernie Smith

There's a New Operating System for the 39-Year-Old Apple II Computer

A fan-made update to ProDOS is the first since 1993 and is an undeniably heartwarming story.
Jason Koebler

The Surprising Impact the 1992 Presidential Election Had on the Modern Internet

The web wasn’t common in 1992, but presidential candidates notably took baby steps toward the internet that year—Ross Perot in a bigger way than most.
Ernie Smith

The Story of AllMusic, the Internet’s Largest, Most Influential Music Database

When AllMusic launched 25 years ago, it wasn't an obvious big data play. But it became one. Hidden in its millions of entries is music's collective history.
Ernie Smith

An Obscure Peter Gabriel Benefit Concert Helped Bring the Internet to the World

It took a while for the internet to turn into a major global force, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. (Peter Gabriel deserves at least some of the credit.)
Ernie Smith