Steve King Is Now Pondering Our Collective Existence as a Result of Rape and Incest

The nine-term congressman, long known for his extreme anti-abortion views, made some strange comments to a crowd in Iowa.
Emma Ockerman
3 days ago
joe biden

Iowa Democrats Are Getting Nervous About Biden’s Trail of Gaffes

The former vice president has put his foot in his mouth a lot lately.
Cameron Joseph

Exclusive: Emails Show This Anti-Tobacco Crusader’s Close Relationship with JUUL

Tom Miller is Iowa's attorney general. He's also an adviser to JUUL, even as the company faces controversy and lawsuits.
Allie Conti

People Are Hungry for Shroom Legalization, and the Money to Fund It Is Growing

A lobbying group called "SPORE." A "psychedelic caucus" in Congress that includes AOC. And lots of cash.
Alex Norcia
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Body Found in Supermarket Identified as Employee Who Disappeared 10 Years Ago

"[The coolers were] so loud, there's probably no way anyone heard him."
Jelisa Castrodale

Steve King Is Trying to Prove He's Not Racist with a Bonkers Comeback Tour

Banished for racist remarks, Republicans seem willing to allow the disgraced Iowa congressman back into polite company.
Matt Laslo

Teen Finds Second Mastodon Fossil on Iowa Farm in 30 Years

The owners of the property want to keep their identities and location hidden for fear of fossil hunters.
Rob Dozier

Repairing All the ‘Structurally Deficient’ Bridges in the US Would Take More Than 80 Years

Every day roughly 178 million people in the US travel over bridges in need of “urgent” repair.
Rob Dozier
Steve King

Steve King made some racist remarks about Hurricane Katrina victims

Comparing Iowans' response to flooding to New Orleans' response to Hurricane Katina.
Tess Owen
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Watch a Hungry Student Interrupt Kirsten Gillibrand to Get Ranch for Her Pizza

"Everyone was like, ‘What happened down there?’ and I was like, ‘I really don’t know, man. I got the ranch though.'"
River Donaghey
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Democrats Need a Candidate Who Will Talk Straight About the Planet's Future

The 2020 primary will be about Trump and healthcare, but Democrats will also need to confront environmental issues from clean water to climate change.
Livia Gershon
state of the union

Rep. Steve King is bringing one-half of MAGA stars "Diamond and Silk" to State of the Union

"Diamond" won the coin toss.
Tess Owen