The First iPhone Was a Landline

Before the smartphone fit in your bag, it sat on your desk—and sometimes, it was even called an iPhone. Let’s check out a few landline smartphones.
Yuri Litvinenko

Hacker Releases First Public Jailbreak for Up-to-Date iPhones in Years

Apple accidentally unpatched a vulnerability it had already fixed, making current versions of iOS vulnerable to hackers.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Apple’s Lawsuit Against a Startup Shows How It Wants to Control the iPhone Hacking Market

Apple sued Corellium, a company that makes virtual copies of iOS for researchers to practice hacking the iPhone on.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Apple’s New Bug Bounty Is a ‘Historical Moment’ For the iPhone’s Security

Apple expanded the scope of its bug bounty, increased payouts, and promised special devices to a select group of researchers. For jailbreakers and hackers, there’s never been a better time to pwn the iPhone.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Another Day Another Hack

This Counterfeit iPhone Is Riddled With Backdoors and Malware

Fake devices look real but are rife with unpatched operated systems, outdated kernels, and a universe of dodgy backdoors and malware, researchers have found.
Karl Bode

Google Hackers Found 10 Ways to Hack an iPhone Without Touching It

Many of the vulnerabilities relied on using iMessage to own the rest of the phone, Google's Project Zero said.
Karl Bode

Apple Will Give You $1 Million to Hack an iPhone

It's the biggest prize Apple has ever offered, and a sign of how much the iPhone's software vulnerabilities are worth on the black market.
David Gilbert

Barr Says Police Need Encryption Backdoors, Doesn’t Mention Hacking Tools They Use All the Time

Barr reignited demands for tech companies to find a technical solution to the ‘Going Dark’ issue, but neglected to mention in his keynote speech that law enforcement agencies use hacking techniques to bypass encryption.
Joseph Cox

History Will Not Be Kind to Jony Ive

Ive, Apple's Chief Design Officer, is leaving the company. He leaves a legacy that made its products hard to repair and impossible to upgrade.
Jason Koebler

Dark Mode Isn’t ‘Easier on the Eyes’ for Everybody

Apple’s new dark mode for iOS 13 can save battery life, but it won’t save everyone's eyes from screen strain.
Samantha Cole
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

Big Tech Doesn't Want You to Be Able To Fix Your Things

The VICE Guide to Right Now goes inside the right to repair movement.
VICE Staff
VICE News Tonight on HBO

This Woman's House Was About To Be Bulldozed for a Foxconn Factory. Here's How That Went.

Everyone in the village of Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, gave in — except Kim Mahoney.
Valerie Kipnis
Billie Brownstein