Is This Art?


Welcome to the Michael Christmas Show (Now Airing the Latest Episode: 'What a Weird Day')

The Boston rapper has found a niche of everyman humor that's put him on the map. With his new album, 'What a Weird Day,' out today, he's rounding out that vision.


Ubu Publishes the Unpublishable

Writer Blake Butler's guide to some of the most gloriously and perversely unpublishable texts you can read for free online at UbuWeb.


This Guy Is Filming Himself Sitting and Smiling for Four Hours a Day

"There isn't really a purpose. My inbox is full of people asking me why I'm doing this, but I don't think that question is really applicable to this type of activity."


I Went to Art Basel and Tried to "Get" Art

A while ago, I wrote a thing about how I don't "get" art. In the piece, I dared to suggest that maybe it was silly that a neon sign that says "my cunt is wet with fear" is worth $100,000. It was read by a lot of people, many of whom disagreed with me...