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Brazil prisons

The Brazilian Inmate Who Tried to Escape Dressed as His Teen Daughter Was Found Dead

After the failed jailbreak attempt, he was put into a high-security
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LGBT rights

Brazil Is Making Homophobia a Crime

The country's Supreme Court voted Thursday to make discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender unconstitutional.
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Jair Bolsonaro

Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro really wants to be Trump’s super best friend

“We want to have a great Brazil, just like Trump wants to have a great America.”
David Gilbert

Everything We Know About the School Shooting in Brazil

"Things like this don’t happen in Brazil, but other countries,” said the Brazilian vice president, who added “violent video games” may have influenced the killers.
Marie Declercq

The Do's and Dont's of Golden Showers

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro asked Twitter what golden showers are. Here, Bolsonaro, is a beginner's guide.
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Suspects in Marielle Franco's Murder Have Ties to Bolsonaro Family

The two primary suspects in the murder of the Brazilian councilwoman and activist Marielle Franco previously received honors from senator-elect Flávio Bolsonaro, the son of president Jair Bolsonaro.
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How Brazil's new president is creating a healthcare crisis for his country's poor

“Mais Medicos has not ended, but at least half the doctors, who were precisely in places of greater need, have left. So for people in those areas the program is over."
Mariana Castro
Joe Hill
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Brazil's drug gangs are prepared to go to war with Bolsonaro

“He’s going to take the world into an urban war.”
Adam Desiderio

Young Brazilians Share Their Fears About a Bolsonaro Presidency

"I want a country where black people and LGBTQ individuals can walk freely. As a woman, I want to walk around without being afraid I'll get raped."
Gislene Ramos
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How Brazil’s business elite helped elect the new far-right president

Jair Bolsonaro won as an anti-establishment outsider — but he had the help of the most powerful establishment players of all
David Noriega
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Why young people helped elect a far-right authoritarian in Brazil

Young Brazilians don't remember military rule — so they elected someone who wants to revive it
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Jair Bolsonaro’s Brazil Is a Disaster for the Amazon and Global Climate Change

The “Brazilian Trump” said if elected he would withdraw Brazil from the 2015 Paris Agreement, arguing that global warming is nothing more than “greenhouse fables.”
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