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How Vinny Guadagnino Became the Surprise Heartthrob of the 'Jersey Shore'

The Keto Guido went from saddy to zaddy, and is now heading back to the Chippendales stage in Las Vegas.
Alex Zaragoza
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DJ Pauly D and Vinny Are Single and Ready to Find New Girlfriends on TV

MTV just green-lit 'Double Shot at Love,' in which 20 single women will compete for the chance to date either of the 'Jersey Shore' stars.
Alex Norcia
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Mike 'the Situation' Is Going to Prison

He was sentenced to eight months after pleading guilty to tax evasion.
Alex Norcia

Arguments About Trump Have Been Ruining the Jersey Shore All Summer

Supporters and opponents of the president have been rubbing elbows at the beach, with combustable results.
David J. Dent
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Everyone's Really Acting Like an Adult in the New 'Jersey Shore' Trailer

They're all heading to Vegas, which is apparently a great place for babies and weddings.
Alex Norcia
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'Jersey Shore' Is Coming Back, and Somebody's Getting Married

Yeah, Mr. and Mrs. Buddy!
Alex Norcia
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Sorry Cops, You Don't Get to Be Funny Online

Even if the "pug mug" is cute.
Alex Norcia
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It Looks Like We're Going to Get a 'Daria' Reboot

MTV is reportedly crafting a new series, 'Daria & Jodie,' which follows the duo as they take on "our culture at large."
Allie Conti

Video Shows Cop Punching 20-Year-Old Woman on New Jersey Beach

The incident was apparently over unopened booze.
Allison Tierney
Jersey Shore

Pauly D Got Invited to the Party, and He's Never Leaving

Yeah, buddy.
Alex Norcia

This New Jersey Ice Cream Dynasty Gave Us the Gift of Frozen Custard

Isaac Lappert meets up with the owner of Kohr's creamery on 'THE ICE CREAM SHOW.'
VICE Staff
The Ice Cream Show

Why Fast Food Restaurants Used to Look Like Spaceships

"We’re not ‘50s inspired.’ A kid walking around looking like Fonzie from 'Happy Days,' that’s ‘50s inspired.’ We are the 50s.”
Danielle Wayda