Karl Kemp


Patrolling One of the World's Deadliest Drug Zones with Its Anti-Gang Cops

Policing the gangs of South Africa's Cape Flats is as much of a nightmare on a political level as it is on the ground.


Exploring the Demise of Skhothane, the Controversial Subculture Destroyed by the Media

Spawned in the townships of Johannesburg, skhothane revolved around garish displays of wealth—but when the media began to film kids burning their cash and clothes, the subculture imploded in on itself.


The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of South Africa's Anti-Occult Police Unit

The satanic panic of the 80s and early 90s gave birth to a squad dedicated to hunting satanic crimes, and today the status of the unit remains shrouded in mystery.


Dangerously Spinning a Car in a Circle Is the Official Sport of South Africa's Townships

The basic idea is to let your car veer around in spirals while you climb outside of it.