Kenny Omega


We've Been Spoiled by NJPW's Excellence

Wrestle Kingdom 13 was a good show, but it felt slightly off from years past, and the future feels a little rocky, too.


NJPW Remains Unbelievably Great

The final G1 Climax match between Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kota Ibushi capped a nearly perfect month of pro wrestling.


NJPW Has Declared Itself a Global Promotion

With Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho winning titles over the weekend, NJPW has announced itself on the world stage.


Kenny Omega Beat Kazuchika Okada in One of the Best Wrestling Matches Ever

The fourth installment of this rivalry was legendary, with Omega becoming New Japan Pro Wrestling's IWGP World Heavyweight Champion.


'All In', 10,000, and Throwback Wrestling

The Cody Rhodes and the Young Buck's one-off event harks back to the reasons pro wrestling ever worked in the first place. There weren’t always over the top promos, garish production values, and pyro. Once upon a time, it was just two people in a ring.


Golden Lovers vs. Young Bucks Main Event Will Be Remembered for Decades

New Japan Pro Wrestling's "Strong Style Evolved" ventured onto US soil and the entire show delivered big time.


Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi's Friendship is Why We Love Pro Wrestling

In an increasingly isolated, disconnected world, the friendships at the heart of pro wrestling storytelling—like the Golden Lovers'—keep us watching.


Wrestle Kingdom 12 Had Something For Everybody

No match outside WWE in recent memory has garnered as much buzz as Jericho-Omega. They did not disappoint.


Jericho-Omega Deliver on the Hype at a Near Flawless Wrestle Kingdom 12

New Japan Pro-Wrestling did its best to attract a larger global audience, producing one of the best top-to-bottom cards in memory.


With Jericho-Omega Headlining Wrestle Kingdom 12, NJPW Goes Global

NJPW is already the best wrestling promotion in the world, and with Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega leading the way at Wrestle Kingdom 12 on Thursday, more people than ever will find out.


Chris Jericho Will Never Stop Reinventing Himself

Jericho's upcoming match in Japan against wrestling sensation Kenny Omega is the latest arc in a storied career that has always seen him stay one step ahead of where the industry is going.


Chris Jericho is Coming to NJPW to Fight Kenny Omega...What?!

In another surprise debut for Jericho, he challenged Kenny Omega to a match at NJPW's Wrestle Kingdom.