Kirsten Gillibrand


Kirsten Gillibrand Shouldn’t Have Been the One to Drop Out

Her campaign never got off the ground, but she was a more interesting candidate than people gave her credit for.
Jeb Lund
2020 election

Kirsten Gillibrand Just Dropped Out of the 2020 Presidential Race

“I know this isn’t the result we wanted — we wanted to win this race — but it’s important to know when it’s not your time."
David Uberti
Cameron Joseph
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Kirsten Gillibrand Thinks a Bus Tour Will Help Her Floundering Campaign

She’s near the bottom of the 2020 pack, so naturally she got a bus and hit the road
Liz Landers
college debt

What the 2020 Democrats Say They'll Do About Your College Debt

Where the candidates stand on debt forgiveness and free or low-cost college.
Rex Santus
Kelly Vinett
The I-word

More Democrats Are Calling For Impeachment — But Not The Ones Who Matter

Democratic senators running for president are all-in for impeachment. Congress? Not so much.
Rex Santus
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Has a Plan So His Campaign Staffers Don't Get Sexually Harassed Again

The 16-page “Blueprint for Safety, Inclusion, and Equity in Political Campaign Work” follows reports earlier this year about problems on his 2016 campaign
Carter Sherman

Black Mothers Keep Dying. These 2020 Candidates Want to Do Something About It.

Black women are three to four times more likely than white women to die from pregnancy or childbirth.
Carter Sherman
tax returns

Elizabeth Warren just released her tax returns. Don't expect to see Trump's.

Warren and her husband donated $50,128 to charitable causes, according to their tax return.
Rex Santus
Views My Own

Democrats Love Medicare for All, They Just Don't Know What It Means

The Democratic primary is shaping up to be yet another election decided by the politics of healthcare.
Harry Cheadle
sexual harassment

Aide to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand quit over "poor" handling of her sexual harassment complaint, report says

The woman said Gillibrand’s office failed to interview two other former employees who could corroborate her allegations
Emma Ockerman

The 2020 Democratic Frontrunners Need to Answer for Their Votes on SESTA

SESTA put my sex worker community in severe danger. We need to demand our candidates commit to better policy this primary.
Liara Roux
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Watch a Hungry Student Interrupt Kirsten Gillibrand to Get Ranch for Her Pizza

"Everyone was like, ‘What happened down there?’ and I was like, ‘I really don’t know, man. I got the ranch though.'"
River Donaghey